Disgusting Media outlets lying for Clickbait.

Absolutely shocking from The Evening times to wrongly post an article that tells you that the Fan has died from a stabbing on Sunday after the old firm.

Disgusting Media outlets lying for Clickbait. 1

Then after clicking the link which is headed wrongly you are lead to this….

Disgusting Media outlets lying for Clickbait. 2

As well as this we have came accross this image which confirms the fake news article.

These supposed journalists should be dealt with accordingly as all they are doing is posting articles with no truth for the simple reason. that they want people to share and click on it.

Reports on this man is that he is still in a Critical condition and we wish him a speedy recovery as well as the respect he deserves as well as his family.

They must be going through enough right now to then find out that these Media outlets and posting lies just for their own greed.

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