“Florida man” challenge becomes Viral sensation. Have you tried it yet?

Have you taken the “Florida Man challenge?”

What started on one social media platform has turned into a viral sensation:s

"Florida man" challenge becomes Viral sensation. Have you tried it yet? 1

Just type “Florida Man” into Google, followed by your birthday. People are posting the results all over the internet and we’re seeing an impact here in Sarasota, where older ABC7 stories are seeing a renewed interest!

“Florida Man” stories usually involve something outlandish, unbelievable or just bizarre. Some of our top results today are:

  • Authorities: Florida man tricked slain wife’s family into thinking she was OK – January 9
  • Police: Florida man hits vehicle then steals vehicle belonging to Good Samaritan who stopped to help- January 15
  • Florida man test drives car, doesn’t return it to dealership, police say – February 12
  • Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell – February 14
  • Police: Florida man accused of stalking allegedly breaks into victim’s home to say Happy Valentine’s Day – February 15
  • Florida man saves dog, fends off aggressive coyote attack with coffee cup – February 24
  • Police: Florida man ends standoff for slice of pizza – February 28
  • Florida man finds bright green iguana in toilet, calls 911 – March 15
  • Thrown pancake batter leads to battery charges for Florida man – March 18
  • Florida man catches record-setting 17-foot python – November 12
  • Florida man dupes Texas school district into sending him $2M – December 19
  • VIDEO: Florida man drops stolen TV from getaway scooter – December 28

So what do you get when you Google “Florida Man” and your birthday?

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