Free $100 CryptoCurrency.

Free $100 CryptoCurrency. 1

This will be the first of many opportunities to make money and this one is a great starter.

Taking the time to learn how to do this as it will set you up for future opportunities.

This guide is too show you how you can make money from Crypto Currency however I cannot stress enough that do not just jump in and not listen to try make a quick buck and make your own decisions after you have made money.

If you put the time in and Listen you will benefit from this and future opportunities.

Option 1 for $50 XLM –

  • For this you need a Coinbase account. If you have an account already then perfect. (If not please sign up using my link here –> This will mean that we both get £7 free of Bitcoin when you start using it.
  • Finish your sign up with Coinbase and get yourself verified.
  • Once complete scroll down on the Home page to where it says EARN CRYPTO
  • Click Start course for Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • Watch all the videos and you EARN for each one. There is a SIMPLE QUIZ. Complete it to earn – this goes DIRECTLY into your wallet afterward. You can earn 10$ of XLM this way and it’s 100% FREE. This takes less than 20 minutes in total to do.
  • To get the other $40 is a bit harder but can be easily done. You need to invite 4 friends to complete the quiz (Please feel free to Copy and paste this guide) Once they have completed the quiz you will receive $10 for each one.
  • I know some people will not want to share this with others which is fair enough. That’s the HARD one, the second $50 is with another wallet and is A LOT easier and doesn’t require ANYTHING but verification.
  • Now you have the hard one out the way… lets move on to the EASIER second option….


1. Go to – open your account here and create your wallet. Pretty straight forward. 

2. Update your profile and go through the verification process. You must complete this and provide ID as requested for KYC (know your customer) If you don’t want to do this, no crytpo. It doesn’t take long.

3. Once verified the crypto will be available in your XLM wallet. That easy, that simple. If you have completed both tasks you now have $100 worth of XLM FREE. 



You now ave your XLM in two wallets. In order to withdraw to cash… you will need to do the following. It’s not easy but it’s a VALUABLE lesson on how to work with crypto and wallets etc. So well worth taking the time and effort to do this…

We are now going to learn how to TRANSFER XLM to your BLOCKCHAIN WALLET from COINBASE in order to be able to EXCHANGE this for BITCOIN.

1. Go to and log in. Click on your XLM wallet and click on REQUEST. Then click on COPY so you have your address ready to enter into COINBASE so you send your XLM in COINBASE over to your BLOCKCHAIN wallet… 

2.Go to coinbase. Go to your XLM WALLET – SEND – then PASTE the wallet address and enter the full amount of your XLM and click send.

3. Go back to your BLOCKCHAIN wallet. The XLM from your COINBASE should now be here ($100 in total, or however much you have)

4. Go back to the main page on BLOCKCHAIN and click SWAP. Switch to STELLAR to BITCOIN and enter the amount you wish to receive. 

5. This will go into your BITCOIN wallet. You can now SEND this back to your BITCOIN COINBASE wallet and withdraw back to your bank account. 

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