Steven Gerrard wants Morelos fined a weeks wages.

Gerrard has said that he cannot defend the Striker anymore.

The Rangers boss told Rangers Tv “It’ll be a debate, it’ll be what people talk about, but the reality is if you raise your arm you leave yourself wide open.

“Obviously he’s been provoked in the first place but it’s happened on too many occasions now and I’ve gone above and beyond – I’ve backed Alfredo more than enough and I can’t defend him anymore. He’ll be punished internally for it and we’ll move forward.”

He also added ” I will be requesting the board fine Morelos a weeks wages, with the money going to the supporters who travelled to the game”.

Celtic extend advantage at the top

Steven Gerrard wants Morelos fined a weeks wages. 2
Credit – BBC Sport

Here’s how the table looks now, with Celtic now 13 points clear at the top.

The race for Europa is going to be interesting since only four points cover the teams from third to fifth.

Dundee are still bottom of the table but with games still remaining the league is still open for more change.

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