Will Adam Johnson play football professionally again?

Adam Johnson looks like he is going to be shunned by all footaball clubs.

Johnson, who is due for release today will struggle to find a club looking to take him on.

PAEDO footballer Adam Johnson faces being shunned by English football following his release from prison today.

Every League One and League Two side within commuting distance of his Co Durham home have reportedly confirmed they will not go near the shamed winger.

Will Adam Johnson play football professionally again? 1
Johnson’s dad Dave Johnson, leaving to pick up Adam at HMP Doncaster.

Serving just three years, half of his six year sentence, Johnson is due for release today.

His dad was spotted just before 1am leaving the prison in a black Mercedes van.

The former football star, who groomed and kissed a 15 year old schoolgirl will probably never play football again professionally. He was seen pulling up to his house around 2am this morning.

Travelling to play abroad will also be a struggle thanks to tough visa restrictions.

Will Adam Johnson play football professionally again? 2
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Inside there was leaked footage of Johnson telling other lags that he may have to go abroad to play as in England you don’t get second chances.

But similar restrictions on players with criminal records will also hamper his chances in the US, Australia and the Middle East.

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A source said: “Johnson will be treated like any other convicted sex offender. He’s a free man, but it comes at a heavy price.”

He will have to be with a social worker to see his daughter.

His licence conditions kick in this morning as soon as he leaves HMP Moorland near Doncaster, and will last until his full jail term ends in 2022.

He must wait 15 years before he can apply to come off the sex offenders register.

This also includes handing over his bank details in case he accesses any paid porn sites.

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